Project #1: Action Ministries

Project #1 Complete!

1/5/19- Action Ministries- Food Box Building Activity-10:00AM

*annoying default Apple alarm tone sounds* I, instinctively, snooze my phone. Being that it is a Saturday morning my body is rejecting the reality of me never sleeping in another Saturday morning for the next 52 weeks.

Unfortunately for my body, I’m completely committed to this new way of life.

I live 30 minutes away from my destination and its 9:20, I should have been out the door 15 minutes ago but that’s okay, it’s a no breakfast morning for  me now.

Now, 9:30, fully geared for a 2 hour shift in a warehouse. Fuzzy socks, hoodie and leggings on, I am ready to get on the road . Destination: Action Ministries Warehouse.


The first Saturday morning of 2019 I began my passion project pursuit (alliteration game crazy). My first project I found through Hands on ATL, browsing the internet for volunteering opportunities, I stumbled across their calendar.

I signed up and that was about it, no frivolities, but I will have another post detailing my processes.

——————————————————————————————————————————————After 10 minutes of being lost near my destination I finally found  the warehouse, no thanks to my GPS. I walk in behind a woman and her two young children (a boy and a girl) the son still donning his youth league basketball jersey and the girl eagerly skipping through the door.

To me it was a telling moment, a mother with her handfuls and a seemingly busy schedule, made it a priority to attend  box lunch packing for the needy and more importantly bringing her children along .  

As soon as I signed in I was directed to the far left corner of the warehouse where I noticed a small group of 5-6 people happily assembling cardboard boxes. At this point I’m assuming this is the group I will be working with and while small, I was excited to see how gleeful they were to be there.

After about 10 minutes the nice woman who greeted us at the door instructed us to take spots on an assembly line and explained that our goal was to pack 500 boxes within the 2 hours we would be there . As she was instructing us about 15 more people trickled in, and by the end of the process there was an estimated total of 30-36 people working collectively to make a difference.



We worked through the process in a modern assembly line, at the head of the line were box assemblers, who put together the cardboard boxes and set them on the belt.

As the box moved down the line it was filled by the following items;

1 Book

1Box of Pasta Salad

3 Canned Goods

2 Boxes of Macaroni noodles

1 Jar of Peanut Butter

1 box of instant mashed potatoes

1 Canned Fruit

5 Cans of Tuna

1 Beef Stew

1 Turkey/Gravy Mix

1 Misc. Item

Across from each station were signs indicating how much of each item would be placed in the box. Other jobs were breaking down the boxes and throwing away trash. We surpassed our goal and left that morning with over 600 boxes assembled and ready to be shipped to families in the Greater Atlanta area.


Knowing that the work I was doing was bringing food and necessities to families in need was enough alone to warm my heart and have the feeling of a job fulfilled. It was an added bonus for me that the organization I chose to work for incubated a warm and cohesive environment of volunteerism.

Everyone in the warehouse had a genuine desire to be there and make a difference, and wanted to fellowship with other volunteers during the session.

As a person who has volunteered for multiple community service initiatives, it’s always a bonus for the people I’m working with to be positive. Especially with morning shift volunteers, which most volunteer opportunities are in the morning


Action Ministries is a non profit that has programs focused around their 3 core missions, which are; hunger relief, housing and education.

This organization holds several events with the vision of breaking a vicious cycle of poverty and homelessness in the Greater Atlanta area.

I do not speak on behalf of this organization, nor do I intend to so if you live in the Atlanta area and are interested in working with Action Ministries I suggest you visit their site at www.actionministries.net

I will post a brief vlog on my videos page about my time with Action Ministries, and my next post will chronicle my time with Special Olympics Georgia, so subscribe to be notified when it’s up.

Also if you have any suggestions of places or events I should go to next contact me or leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading!